Monday, August 01, 2011

Random Rebooting of the Droid 3-Synced WIFI Settings?

Since I updated to the new Droid 3, I am finding that the phone randomly reboots every now and then. While I love the response time of the phone and the crisp view screen, the phone deciding to restart on its own is not OK. After a quick search I found a series of messages that show the issue may be tied to how WIFI networks are restored from Google during the syncing of your previous WIFI settings.

Here is a blurb from Google:
Further testing & confirmation from other testers on forums correlates this crash strongly to the restoration of wifi settings during provision of the phone & sync to google.  Users who have factory-reset the phone and disabled google syncing have solved the problem, and users who have deleted all restored wifi networks have seen similar benefits.  The twitter account in the 'my accounts' manager was indeed a red herring and does not seem to be related to the bug, as removing it has not re-introduced the problem. Workaround:  Delete ALL wifi networks after provisioning phone, and recreate them using the Droid3 UI.

This was found at: I really do not want to go back to factory settings so I am hoping a simple removal of the WIFI network settings and manually rebooting the phone will cure the random reboots. Thus far, since doing the above steps no more reboots.

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milany said...

what does it mean to recreate wifi networks using the droid 3 UI? user interface?? how??

Mark McFadden said...

When the droid detects a wifi signal, then use the normal user interface to set it up. The issue is when you are transferring previous wifi settings to the droid 3.

Milany said...

I see. Will try that. Thanks.