Saturday, May 21, 2016

A Positive Approach to the Status Meeting Second Question

We have all attended them.  You know... those meetings where we have to give status updates for the current progress on the project on which we are working. The typical scenario is the project manager going around the room asking everyone one by one about their current status, if there are any roadblocks, and what percentile of the effort is complete. All is well until there is a more specific question is asked of us concerning the above. Could it that we think our skills are called into question when there's a second follow-up question? From the facial expressions and body language often displayed to outright conflict exhibited, we really don't have a problem when asked what is the status of our tasks. It's when there's a second follow-up question asking for more detail.

The fact is we all need to work to not think that the second question is calling your ability and or skill and/or know how into question. Maybe, as in all human relations, we should assume the best in the person asking the question. It could be that they're trying to help us? Perhaps they are trying to smooth out our way by wanting to know who they could contact on our behalf, or get us the necessary tools and information we need?

If we approach it this way, perhaps we will have a much more pleasant and productive time together?