Monday, May 26, 2014

Head First Design Patterns C# Code Migrated to VS Express Web 2013

I recently moved my business website from shared hosting to github pages. With that move I did not bring the historic content as I understood that it was not needed as well as no longer useful. What I omitted was a C# .Net 1.0 project download that I created for the Head First Design Patterns book published by O’Reilly. I created this project back in 2005 when the book was newly released to get my head around the design patterns. Using NUnit I created tests to run as I was constructing the objects per the book.
Now to the migration. First I took the project and loaded it into Visual Studio Express 2013 Web. The app started a migration of the projects within the main solution. Following the migration I noted a few warnings due to some obsolete syntax. Primarily, I was referencing an app.config file with MVC projects that was causing this error:
system.configuration.configurationsettings.appsettings' is obsolete: 'this method is obsolete, it has been replaced by system.configuration!system.configuration.configurationmanager.appsettings'.
Given that I am no longer using a config file the code was updated accordingly.
The main effort was changing the unit tests from the Nunit framework to the test framework in Visual Studio Express 2013 Web edition. What was changed was the method attributes for the tests. For example, changing [Test] to [TestMethod] and [Setup] to [TestInitialize]. Going to this site helped with the effort:
The conclusion is here.