Thursday, March 24, 2005

Head First Design Patterns in C# with NUnit

I recently read a great new software design patterns book entitled, Head First Design Patterns. Click here to go to the books web site.

Anyway, the book shows the code and exercises in Java. To better learn the patterns I implemented the code in C#. About halfway through the book I e-mailed the authors and let them know how much I enjoyed the teaching style of the book and informed them about the C# exercise code that I was creating. They were interested and asked me to post it to them when completed. I did and they, I say they as the book has four authors and I have been corresponding with one, suggested that I create a small web page to link too, that briefly shares my learning experience with a link to the C# code. I did and the author graciously stated that they will be linking to my page from their page (see link above) shortly. Meanwhile, click here to get to my page with the brief overview and code.