Saturday, April 21, 2012

Vim and help with the answer 42

Watching a presentation on Vim by Bill Odom and he mentioned a fun item in the help feature for Douglas Adams fans. In Vim issue the following
:h 42
Here is what you see:
What is the meaning of life, the universe and everything?  *42*
Douglas Adams, the only person who knew what this question really was about is
now dead, unfortunately.  So now you might wonder what the meaning of death

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Turning Consumption into Production

During my morning run I was listening to This Developer's Life Podcast by Scott Hanselman is a production that deals with general areas of a typical software developer's existence. This latest show discusses the need to be a continual learner.

One of the points made in the podcast was the concept of turning the consumer of software, consider the person playing hours of video games, into a producer of software. Imagine the amount of time and brain power applied to just video gaming by the consumers of those games!

One aspect to turn consumers into producers may be the use game mechanics in the actual creation of programs. The addicting factor of video games is largely the desire to "get to the next level."

Maybe simply making the solving of problems via the writing of code the reward. "How can I 'get to the next level' in my understanding of this framework?" or "How many defects can I fix today?" or "What is the most elegant solution for meeting that business need?" Perhaps creating personal challenges out of the problems by asking, "How much can I accomplish today on this bug or issue?"

Just thinking....