Tuesday, March 23, 2021

Digidog or Analogdog (a.k.a. Lady)


Wired Magazine's website had an interesting article entitled, A New York Lawmaker Wants to Ban Police Use of Armed Robots. In essence, the article discussed the concern of using unarmed robots, such as Boston Robotics’ Digidog, and how that could escalate to the use of weaponized robots within law enforcement. While it is a necessary discussion, I thought about my analog dog, Lady, and how she compares to Boston Robotics’ Digidog. 

Concerning protection for our family Lady would as soon lick a stranger than even bark at or attack them. Here, if my home is broken into and I need a dog to protect us, at least by intimidating the intruder, Digidog is the go-to. 

However, when we went to the local dog rescue to get a new canine companion, it was not for protection. When it comes to hanging around in the living room, watching TV, or even working from home, the Analogdog is the choice. Moreover, both of our sons love her and she is great with the grandkids! 

Perhaps if Digidog would snore like our Analogdog and then let out a big groan as it wakes up (if in fact the Digidog ever goes to sleep) it might be OK. Yet, I doubt that its design, being built for function and efficiency, would be as snuggly as our Lady.

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