Saturday, February 22, 2020

Are Your Tech Practices Sustainable?

I have been in the tech industry for over 25 years. I have often questioned what is "hot" and trending as no doubt glittering but not gold. In my view, there has long been two fundamental problems in the tech industry.

Last year, the following was laid out. First, "Rachel Thomas, cofounder of, addresses the tech industry’s 'glorification (and in many cases, requirement) of unhealthily long hours,' pointing out that it 'is not only inaccessible to many disabled people and harmful to everyone’s health [and] relationships, but it is also contrary to research on productivity.'"

Next, "Tim O’Reilly takes issue with Silicon Valley’s favorite growth strategy, blitzscaling—or as proponents Reid Hoffman and Chris Yeh describe it, 'achieving massive scale at incredible speed.' Instead of prioritizing growth above all, he argues, companies should be focused on 'mak[ing] their companies more sustainable, not just more explosive; more equitable, not more extractive.'"

This was brought to my attention by this Wired article, Let's quit the idea that everyone is not really living unless they are always working.

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