Tuesday, July 03, 2018

Most Advanced Yet Acceptable Ideas

In his book Hitmakers, Derek Thompson discusses an acronym, The MAYA Principle - "Most Advanced. Yet Acceptable."

This acronym was set forth by Raymond Loewy, known as the father of industrial design. Loewy's Lucky Strike cigarette package, Exxon logo, and blue nose of Air Force One are only a few of his famous designs.

Per Thompson, in his 2017 Atlantic article, "Loewy had an uncanny sense of how to make things fashionable. He believed that consumers are torn between two opposing forces: neophilia, a curiosity about new things; and neophobia, a fear of anything too new. As a result, they gravitate to products that are bold, but instantly comprehensible. Loewy called his grand theory 'Most Advanced Yet Acceptable'"

How would this work in the area of ideas? How can we better form concepts that are novel, but quickly understandable?

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