Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Take a breath, investigate, and deal with it.

This morning while on my laptop another annoying iTunes dialog popped up about installing the latest update. Mind you, iTunes is a good product and I did have it installed back in the day when loading my iPod Shuffle...but that was then. Still, about once a week I would get a "reminder" asking if I wanted to update my installation. I understand that this is a courtesy but it had long ago become an annoyance. After all, I had uninstalled iTunes! Yet, when it would popup again, I would simply close it each time because it only took a second and I could be on my way. But this morning I realized that I was done with the popups and decided to actually take a few minutes and deal with it. 

After taking about 30 seconds to select Edit | Preferences |Never | OK i realized how cathartic! 

Lesson: When that annoying dialog box pops up again, take a breath, investigate the preferences or go online, and take a few minutes to research the setting that schedules the popup, and be rid of it. Ahhh...closure as well as an assurance it will not bother you again!

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