Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Use and Calibrate the Compass

Seth Godin makes a good point in his blog when he states:

The map keeps getting redrawn, because it's cheaper than ever to go offroad, to develop and innovate and remake what we thought was going to be next. Technology keeps changing the routes we take to get our projects from here to there. It doesn't pay to memorize the route, because it's going to change soon. The compass, on the other hand, is more important then ever. If you don't know which direction you're going, how will you know when you're off course?

The map may be easier but as Godin says it will be constantly changing. Therefore, let's get good at using a compass.

To find our direction, I must turn the compass dial until the North mark and the "Orienting Arrow" are lined up with the North end of the needle. Then, whichever direction is on the opposite side of the compass, that is the direction you are heading. Now, orient yourself to the direction you want to go with the compass dial until the North mark and the "Orienting Arrow" are lined up and you are good to go. For example, the picture below shows you pointing west.


Now, you can take any road that will allow you to go west and not be stopped if the road your on is closed. Just navigate to another road going west by the use of the compass.

Of course, the compass in Godin's article was a metaphor. Yet, this concrete example shows us that we need to get better at calibrating our compasses or our sense of the proper direction. We need to determine the best direction via "the compass" and stop memorizing maps to get where we are going professionally, personally, etc.as the maps will be changing faster as we move forward in our journey.

I need to remember this next time Google Maps leads me into a corn field instead of where I wanted to go!

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