Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Not Being the Expert

It is interesting to note as you move throughout your day, we are fearful to appear as not being the expert. Why? Perhaps there is an expectation that you are to be the person who is considered the expert in this or that? Maybe you have a self-image that you are the go-to-person on this subject or that topic?
Regardless, why is it OK to not be the expert? Isn't there value in just being the person that is trying to learn as much as he/she can and enjoying the journey? What is more important, being seen as the person that is the expert or being known as the individual that is open to learning, realizes that there is always more to understand, and is known to be gracious to others who lack their level of knowledge? I think the latter.

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Alex McFerron said...

i agree. Plus, there is just no way we can be experts in it all or even a large set of it all anymore.