Friday, August 05, 2005

Resharper: Sharper indeed

ReSharper provides some needed editing features for Visual Studio.Net.

For example, if you have private local variables and you want to expose those guys via public properties just Alt+Insert (ReSharper > Code > Generate... via the ReSharper menu) in Visual Studio and you get:

Resharper Generate code menu

As you can see you can also easily generate a constructor, implement interface members, or override members from base classes.

There are many more “niceties” from ReSharper such as automatic indentation within bracket blocks {}. I got real tired of typing the brackets, separating them via hard return, and then tabbing to indent the first line in the block of code.

public void SomeMethod()
     //indented code here

Instead, when you enter a set of brackets for a block of code, ReSharper will insert your cursor between the brackets. Then, when you hit the Enter key the new line is indented for you! These are just a few of the great features of ReSharper.

I did not mention the Refactoring it provides. ReSharper rocks!!

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