Tuesday, July 12, 2005

IT Conversations - It’s a small world indeed

Each morning, at least on weekdays, I jog my usual neighborhood loop. To make this less tedious I usually have my Rio MP3 player piping music or a podcast into my head. The last few days here in Northern Kentucky we have felt the effects hurricane Dennis. Just days earlier I watched as the hurricane ripped through the pan handle of Florida. I find it fascinating that within our vast ecosystem one pressure or influence affects another. Anyway, on my run this morning, I noted the cloud cover from Dennis. At the same time I was listening to an MP3 that was found as the result of “googling” for technology podcasts. What I found from Google was IT Conversations. You often here in agile development circles of the emergence of "organic" applications due to environmental pressures. Here, at least in my view, is the emergence of a great service due to pressures of the need for thought provoking audio in the technology “ecosystem.”

The IT Conversations site is a free, donation based podcast site that deals with everything from software development to social trends and how technology affects these domains.

I highly recommend IT Conversations and encourage all to go there. If you agree, please donate to keep the informative and entertaining podcasts coming.

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